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Welcome to Jodecoshop!

The name jodecoshop was quickly formed.  

When I started thinking about a name for my webshop, I wish it had part of my own name in it. Here one of my best friends helped me.  It came out very spontaneously: Jo van Joni and deco of decoration. Then jodecoshop was born!

This online webshop grew out of my great passion in decoration.

I think decoration is very important to make a house a cozy home. So that everyone can come home in a cozy and peaceful atmosphere.  

I also try to find unique decoration items from different countries. At Jodecoshop you will mainly find articles inspired by the Balinese style. The articles are made with love and are then delivered here in Belgium.  

The name Jodecoshop also contains the word 'eco'.

What is also important today is that we live more and more ecologically. Every step we can take to help the planet is a step in the right direction.

That's why we use cardboard boxes and not plastic packaging.  

I will mainly offer you products that are handmade and durable with a high quality.  

Take a look at the website and contact us with any questions or comments.


Joni Van de Velde

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